Zhuo Mao ZM-R6200c for Macbook Pro logic board repair, 2011 GPU issue 820-2915

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29 comments on Zhuo Mao ZM-R6200c for Macbook Pro logic board repair, 2011 GPU issue 820-2915

  1. i'm neither thinking a thing should work, or not work, but when it starts working I'm still dubious and consider it to be lying to me until I've checked everything for a chunk of time.

  2. Louis, here's a great tip that might change your life. Get to know your dentist's toolbox. Micro applicators are q-tip or toothbrush like disposable cleaning tools that do not shed by design. It's been great for me in PC repair where contamination was a bad idea and cleaning or application was needed. There are hundreds of shapes lengths and firmness of bristle.

    You might also like tweezer scissors. Strong enough to cut thick "human mouth", braces wiring and holds while cutting in small delicate spaces. Lots of sizes as well.

  3. New subscriber here. I've been learning a lot. Thanks so much and looking forward to more. – – – You mentioned that the adhesive on the Nashua tape is almost impossible to get off if you get it on your hands. Just FYI, I've never met an adhesive that won't come off almost any surface in 2 seconds using Zippo lighter fluid. Of course it's totally unsafe so be smart about it, but if you need to remove stubborn adhesive from a material that can handle it (e.g. glass), nothing works better and of course you can get it at just about any store that sells cigarettes.

  4. Hi Louis, your videos are very interesting and informative, I have a Macbook Pro 2011 with GPU issues, I took it to Apple and they toll me it has GPU problem. Would you be able to repair for me and how much would be? I'm in Texas, how would the best way to send? whole laptop or just the board? Thank you.

  5. I've learned to become a repair man from carefully watching and studying each one of your many videos. I've saved them all to my hard drive in case they are taken down or I can't access the internet for some reason. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work, know it's greatly appreciated.

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