Zhiyun Crane Firmware Update Tutorials

Firmware download:

1. Enter Zhiyun official website: www.zhiyun-tech.com

2. Choose Download among Support tab, select tools according to your PC type. Zhiyun has provided Apple’s MAC system driver and windows driver for downloading.

3. Download zhiyun usb driver (mac osx), tools (mac osx), and firmware for Crane.

4. Before installation, choose system preferences, security&privacy, click unlock button, choose anywhere in tab of allowing apps downloaded from these places, make sure to…

38 comments on Zhiyun Crane Firmware Update Tutorials

  1. Embarrassing to release a video of this poor quality. Now for MacOsX users, to update the Crane V2 perhaps V1: On Sierra you do not have the option shown in Chinese (sic) for security preferences in your System Preferences only two; App Store or App Store and identified  developers ( choose this). When you first open ZhiyunGimbalTools you have to control click and open from there, double clicking will not launch as it is not developer approved. Before launching this tool, make sure you install both other drivers CH341SER_MAC and CP210x_Mac_OSX_Driver. Unzip the firmware to your desktop. Zhiyun need to pay more attention to their firmware names, the 1.60 is labelled starting V1 very confusing, yet it is correct for the Crane V2 gimbal. Next plug your USB cable between the Crane and computer. Power on the Crane, already placed securely on a table, then set it to standby. V1 you do this by pressing the joystick. V2 you hold the mode button down for 3 seconds. Next launch Gimbal Tools. There is an open button ( Zhiyun say it will recognise automatically the device> untrue on Mac). Click the open button. This should if correctly set up connect the app to the gimbal.If it does it will show Crane in the right top field Marked Product. When connected the field values will move around a good indication the device is indeed connected. Go to the Firmware update tab. In Path go to your unzipped firmware file, ending in .ptz  using the Browse button. Under the file Info you'll see some device level lines, 3 for the v1.60 fmw. Now strangely enough nothing shows under Device info. Click Upgrade. It is quite fast and you'll see some progress bars update. After, again strangely enough the information appears in Device Info, yet it displays THE OLD FIRMWARE. Just to be sure Turn off the Crane, quit the app, repeat the process, and this time there will be no progress bars, and the info after clicking upgrade will correctly show the FMW version installed.    Otherwise, I found out that after you change the motor strength in Zhiyun Assist app, you must restart the gimbal even after saving out the settings. I assume this is because the gimbal boots with the settings and only upon relaunch do they come into affect.

  2. Hi there !
    I'm a brand new Zhiyun Crane V2 user and am ready to love it, except that so far I have some kind of trouble with it.
    I'm using this configuration : Nikon D750 + samyang 14mm video lens (does not exceed 1,8 kg payload).
    I did the balance as precisely as I can (and it looks actually really stable, I am a freefly movi user so I get the gist of the right balancing I think) but when I use it, especially walking forward or backward, I am getting these annoying vibrations : https://youtu.be/85I3OF7Tz9U
    Any thoughts on why ? Maybe some settings are wrong ?
    I've seen shot made by people with the same config and it looks ok so I'm sure I must do something wrong 🙂
    I would so much appreciate your help 🙂
    Thanks a lot in advance,

  3. Zhiyun YOU MUST DO BETTER THAN THIS!!!! Your instructions are CONFUSING!!! Please do a video QUICKLY ONLY FOR WINDOWS. Get and ENGLISH SPEAKING TEAM TO DO THE VIDEO. I am ABOUT TO RETURN THE CRANE DUE TO JITTER!!!!! I have NO TIME for this kind of junk!!!

  4. DON'T UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE! I have a Crane v2 and I just updated my firmware to 1.52 and now my gimbal doesn't work. It turns on but the motor doesn't function. Also my joystick isn't clickable like the v1.

  5. This is the worst instruction of any product. I am trying to update the firmware on my Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis that I just bought last month by following this youtube video and can not update at all because my windows 10 64bit operating system that I have does not show anything close to the instruction video. Maybe it is best to just return this product.

  6. I just purchased your Crane 3-axis and followed directions to your website. Both "Downloads" and "Support" at your website in these instructions just show Chinese characters and symbols. There is nothing there to click. I need to update firmware on my Mac computer so I can use my heavier Canon 5D Mark iv with your gimbal. I already sent an email to "service@zhiyun-tech.com" and am waiting for response. I need the update instructions and actual links to click on as soon as possible please. Otherwise, I have to return the product. Thank you.

  7. Are you guys going to release a Firmware update for the Crane-M to increase the payload too? Maybe to 800-900g?

    There are many (small and/or Prime) lenses for the smaller A6300/A6500 camera, that make its' total weight just a tad above Crane-M's 650g payload. A6500 also weights 50g more than the A6300.

    Many of the E-mount APSC lenses for the A6300/A6500 weigh in at around 220-300g…and with the new A6500's weight, puts its' total weight at about 700-800g, if not a little more than that.


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