Using Special Characters (Glyphs) with Mac Font Book and ScanNCut

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In this video I show how I use special characters (Glyphs) that are in some fonts with the Mac Font Book and ScanNCut converter.

18 comments on Using Special Characters (Glyphs) with Mac Font Book and ScanNCut

  1. I've learnt something new today too and this is going to be so useful. Thanks again for sharing your endless tips and tricks – I don't know what we'd do without you 🙂

  2. Thankyou so much for this additional video for windows glyphs. It worked a treat. Before I saw this video I was just opening Love Moon or any glyph font I had installed on the convertor and typing capitals A-Z in the font convertor then lowercase a-z and saving them on my desktop and then taking into canvas and using them there to type whatever words I needed so this is a lot simpler. Thanks again for all your trouble great tutorial

  3. There isn't an equivalent to Font Book on a PC so I wasn't able to see the curly fonts that you did on your video. But that is pretty darn cool. Thanks for sharing. Footnote to post: I was able to access it by choosing group Unicode subrange and then selecting Private Use Characters. THANKS ASHLEY

  4. OK I have been playing and on my Windows 10 computer I had to download an application in the Windows store to be able to access all the beautiful fonts. It is FREE. The one I downloaded is ''Character Map UWP'' and it is easy and beautiful to work with. Was able to copy and paste in the SNC Font Converter, and save to my computer and open in SNS Canvas. If you have an older version of Windows….I suggest you to a seach You Tube for the version you have. Good Luck and don't stress…Have fun!

  5. Thank you for this information Ashley, I have windows 10 so going to take a look see if it has something similar to the mac font book I know it has a character map but i dont think its shows all installed fonts, Of to search now

  6. Never knew about glyphs – brilliant! Dragging from FontBook to ScannCut Converter – double brilliant!!! Thanks for a great video.

    Now something in return: Instead of using the magnifying glass icon in your menu bar, press Command + Spacebar on your Mac keyboard and type "font book" (actually only a few characters are necessary) and press Return. This allows you to quickly open the app without going into the Applications folder to find it.

  7. Hello Ashley, Thank you for this video.  I have SCAL4 and I managed to follow a similar procedure to achieve this with the Glyphs in there as I have MS Windows 10.  I wasn't able to drag the Glyph letter out of SCAL but I was able to construct the phrase and export the file as an FCM out of SCAL 4 to achieve the same result.  I am stoked as I now know how to use these fancy glyphs that come with the fonts on my computer.  Cheers xx

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