Tricks to FINALLY Organize Your Photos On Your MAC!

Does your Mac’s Photos library need some organization? FEAR NOT! Here are David’s favorite tricks to organize your pictures. A lot of people put off organizing their Mac’s photos library, which is understandable. In this tutorial, David will show you how to create albums (both automatically and manually), how to use folders to contain those albums, how to use the Memories feature to quickly capture important events, tips on how to delete likely junk images, and more.

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29 comments on Tricks to FINALLY Organize Your Photos On Your MAC!

  1. My photos app doesnt look like that at all when i open it… How do i make it look like that? On my screen I just get a small rectangle were i get to choose between photos, memories, shared, albums and projects. I dont get that whole menu list on the left side.

  2. I don't like that Apple hides all your photos in this app where you can't find the JPG files. They make you EXPORT them to another folder. Apple don't own my images. I do. I use Adobe LIghtroom.

  3. Hey David, thank you for your very informative videos! I have a dumb question to ask you. So as you are making all the different albums do the photos move to that album and if you have a photo in more the one album do you have now 2, 3 or more of the same photo or do you have just one photo and the rest are a representation of that photo? What I am asking is are you making more of each photo? Or am I just thick and not following this right. If I look for doubles will find many of the same photo in different albums? I am trying to move my photos to a exHard drive and confused.

  4. Great David. My photos are already well organised but I did learn a couple of things I didn’t know, so you are always worth checking. out. Incidentally, I can’t use I cloud as the upload speed where I live in the UK is way too slow. So some other people may have that use.

  5. David, as always a good presentation. However, can you do a presentation on a more advanced level? For example, how can I add a title or description to multiple photos rather than one at a time. I'm fairly adept at Photos and I get the whole concept of albums, folders and favorites. But, I'm trying to straighten out the main "Photos" tab of the 40,000 + pictures I have. I have scanned and converted 35mm slides and photographs to digital. Problem is that are dated when I scanned them and not when they were taken. I know I can change the date, but only one at a time. There must be a better way to change dates all at once or in batch. Also, I know putting text on a photo can be done through the edit mode but again it's one at a time. Is there an easier way to add text directly to a photo. For example, when I use my Apple TV to show photos (not slide show) without a description or title on the picture, people will ask me where's that or who is that. I use Proshow Gold to do great slideshows and absolutely love the product. But when it comes to straight photos, and showing them I need to arrange the main inventory of all my pictures. Again Thanks

  6. One issue I have with Photos is the ability to remove items from the Photos tab, but keep the images safely tucked in the new folder I just created under My Albums. Essentially, Photos creates a massive album of all of your images under the tab Photos and the albums are just a filter for that massive album. You remove one from one it removes the same image from the other… this is very frustrating.

  7. I have the capture application on my Mac and have COPIED photos from iPhone onto MAC. Not sure if the Capture application copied over duplicates when I used the application when new pictures were added to iPhone with old ones still on iPhone. I want to move all pictures to PHOTOS now on MAC. Does PHOTOS have a show duplicate button or a way to see duplicate photos?

  8. I have scanned in all the photos our family had and imported them into Photos.  I also have a ton of video in Photos and iMovie and I'm running out of disk space.  I don't want to pay for iCloud storage so I've totally disabled the iCloud for Photos.

    Is it possible to have two photo libraries?  One on an external harddrive and one on your internal disk?  And keep some photos external, some internal?

    Where are my photos physically on my iMac anyway?


  9. @ David , with my DSLR I'm always shooting in RAW +J-peg fine , but when I import to my Mac I only seem to be able to see the J-peg file ? . what happens to the RAW files ?  does "photos" handle RAW files ? do you have a class that covers this area ?
    Thank you in advance for any help / keep up the good work !

  10. Photos is an awful app – iPhotos was fantastic & I'm continuing to use that.
    You cannot even change the background to black which is a pain when spending a long time viewing photos.

  11. Another great video David. I love how you explain things and it’s easy to follow you. On another note though, do you do Macintosh user group presentations? Either via in person or FaceTime? Let me know.

  12. Mr. DC, I hope that no one thinks, this is about others comments; This is sincerely only about my self. I just need to thank you, I am a highly detailed learner and I am an older student of Computer Science, and every piece of information that you are willing to share, I welcome. Happy Holidays

  13. Having recently come from Windows I really miss Adobe Bridge, specifically the ability to quickly rate photos on a 1-5 scale. I would go through a few thousand photos from a weekend and delete anything with less than a 3 star rating. The remaining photos can be searched and stratified according to rating, and there are other buttons for flagging specific files depending on what I was doing. I was shocked that nobody in Apple thought that ratings might be useful. To have a yes or no favorite option is far weaker, I could never use it to decide what to delete because all the remaining would have to be favorites. Until Apple offer professional options like photo ratings I can't see jumping into the cloud. Is there Apple software that you think might be useful?

  14. Thanks David that helps a lot.
    One thing I was not aware of is that when you save your photos to the cloud the photos are removed from the computer so now I have to download them, save to a second storage them upload them gain, grr, very frustrating.

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