Samsung Ativ 700t running OS X Yosemite 10.10

I decided to rebuy the ativ 700t since its incredibly cheap now and might even sell my cintiq companion. A big plus of it is the fact that it seems more hackable as well. Heres my attempt of getting yosemite to run on it. Right away most of the things worked.

check the guide I put together at and thanks to all the helpful people over there.

15 comments on Samsung Ativ 700t running OS X Yosemite 10.10

  1. I am getting a black screen on the tablet display running os x.

    When I plug my monitor in through Hdmi I can see os x just fine.

    How do I fix the black screen for os x when my monitor is unplugged?

    This way I can see os x displayed on the tablet itself and not my external monitor?

    Any help would be AMAZING

  2. hi!, i can't seem to get the digitizer to work, i did get a clean Yosemite install, installed it on a usb drive, installed clover, used some kexts i found in but my pen is not working, it should work out of the box right?, i did try an usb yosemite for intel pc from a torrent and in the installer (safe mode) the pen did kind of work. Do i need to do something to get the pen working?

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