OS X Photos App Set Up

In this screencast tutorial I cover Apple’s new Photos App which replaces Aperture and iPhoto. I talk about preparing to make the switch to the Photos App and then walk through the upgrade process.

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13 comments on OS X Photos App Set Up

  1. Im planning on doing the same with my photos. My iphoto holds about 210gb of pics and videos. You said it took about 30 min for the migration. But I want to know is how long it took for all of your photos from your photos library to migrate to the icloud photos. Some people have said that for a 200+gb library it took them a week or so to fully back-up and transfer to the icloud photo library. Is this true?

  2. Hi!, great vid, I love it! I have one question: I come from a pc and I had all my photos organized in folders, but now since i have imported all the photos to Photos app, they are no longer organized in folders. Is there any way of keeping the folder organization I had into albums or something like that?

  3. are you getting paid to endorse apple or something? This new system is TERRIBLE, its draconian to the application, why would anyone use a application to manage all their photos? Icloud will never ever be suffice for professional use, I dont care what anyone says, its all a sham to get people to spend more money.

    I dont know about you but a simple USB cable to import photos to a HD where they are managed by the file manager known as finder, rather than this excessive and unnecessary application with all the whistles and bells whilst eating up more RAM for stupid features.

    I really think this is the most idiotic manager of photos yet, why lie to ourselves, if I really wanted to sub folder selfies to my normal photos I would. If I wanted to sub folder photos by date, I WOULD. and whos bright idea was it to have a photo stream on the iphone and another camera roll? WHY NOT JUST HAVE THE DAMN FUCKING PHOTOS ALL IN ONE PLACE? FUCK

  4. If I got a free 1tb then I might consider using icloud, but we don't so I ain't paying for it. I think I paid enough for the Apple product. I like to store my photos in there own folder and back them up on a separate drive. Oh and I liked iPhoto better

  5. Great video and information, thank you. Questions, I get to the "preparing the library" part of the transfer and 4 x it has frozen at 11%. Any suggestions?

  6. Problem iPhone 6+ and Photos and iCloud (not cloud drive)
    "Other" memory fills up iPhone's Hard Drive – my 128 Gigs in this case. My phone shares and uploads files just fine, but if you delete it on the phone to regain space, the file is deleted everywhere. It's gone. Work around from apple store: copy the files to Box or to the real iCloud storage "iCloud.com" to have a stored version of your files then delete the files from the phone. (not that easy). This filling up the Hard Drive on the iPhone limits the space for the "photo's cloud storage." Everything that was organized in years – collections – moments are gone and I have to short it all, not to mention figuring out the same Pictures that have different extensions. Help

  7. The more I use this cursed application the more I hate it, and by proxy Apple itself.
    Now, to be fair, maybe they will fix things up, but why release something that is 
    so broken?

    There seems to be my old iPhoto events listed, but no way to group new photos or imports into events … and event seems to be meaningless to Photos, so you download your photos from your phone or iPad and they sit there in a big blob that you cannot group.

    And when you look at them the screen is bright white that is glaring, and you cannot change.

    In hopes perhaps of making a clean interface, they have done the thing where they hide all the controls, so you have mouse around and try every little whatever you see in the window to see if it does something.

    When you are viewing a group of photos, the left and right skip buttons are invisible until you move your mouse to them, and then they are way on the outside of the window so you end up mousing all over … something that Apple used to go out of its way to avoid in search of ergonomic design.

    iPhoto was bad enough, but Photos seems to be a step down.

  8. Nice video again :), i can see this being good if you use loads of apple devices, myself i dont see why they could not just add the function to aperture. Replace iPhoto with Photos sure but aperture has more functions for advanced management than photos does. Looks very nice however , i do like the more minimal approach apple is taking. I would prefer they put more keyboard control in the apps tho , some of us learned to use computers before mice where invented and can run rings around mouse users in an app that has good keyboard control :).

  9. And you know that Apple and every other large company, and even some small ones makes deals with or allows the government/NSA access to your photos so they can use your data in any way they see fit.  Who knows where your photos will end up or who will have access to them in the cloud?

  10. I really hate the way Apple has managed these photo apps, most specifically iPhoto.  I have lost photos and videos in iPhoto and there is no way to reset or recover it ( though I imagine the original files still do exist somewhere, but finding anything manually in the iPhoto library is nearly impossible ) and the starting options that reset permissions, or try to rebuild the library are so bad they mostly do not work.

    The first thing it appears that Photos does is to copy the iPhoto Library.  It doesn't tell you what it is doing, or how it will affect iPhoto or Aperture either.  Just from working with it since I installed it it appears that Photos is about the same as iPhotos or worse.  One thing I noticed is that when you are looking at Photos the left and right spots to click to go to the next photos are invisible, so you do not realize they are there.  Once you do though, you have to mouse all the way over to the right and left sides of the screen.

    Apple used to be the experts at ergonomics, and I imagine there might be decent keyboard shortcuts to eventually learn if you want to become an expert at Photos, but I am very unimpressed with Photos, and the changes i iMovie as well.   Most of the features in iMovie do not even work.

    It's really hard to understand that actual decisions were made to create apps that have so many broken features in them, and that never get fixed over time or get fixed very very slowly.

    And one more thing – it seems like over time Apple is being very underhanded and devious about trying to move everyone to the cloud, which I at least do not want.  Apple is just cold -blooded about choosing to make money instead of serving their customers lately.  They did not seem to be this way.

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