OS X Mavericks Review

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49 comments on OS X Mavericks Review

  1. 7:50 Microsoft is heading for making simple drawings on the screen since Windows8. To use the same GDI as mobile systems, by a "banner factory", must make things more easily merged in multiple devices. Even hotmail now is a bunch of tags. There is no 3D, no buttons or contours, just multicoloured flags, banners and tags with captions.

  2. You nailed it. I have 4G ram. It's either upgrade to 8G or revert to ML.
    (I'm not a heavy user; no social media, iBooks or iCloud. With mavericks I feel I've traded stability & speed for stuff I don't use…)

  3. So in all, would you recommend updating my mid 2010 Macbook Pro 13 inch to Mavericks because we all know what updating the iPhone 4 to iOS 7 has done… it slowed it down. I don't want this to be the case with my Mac..

  4. I'm on Mountain Lion. I have a mid 2011 iMac. I've been reading the reviews in the app store and some people are saying it slows their computer down :/ which is why I've avoided updating. Will it slow my Mac down?

  5. I prefer Ubuntu, or something like that, over Mac. I have tried Apple, and it was so difficult to adjust to for me. this is just a personal preference. do you use windows 7 at all? I'm a gamer, so…

  6. So on Best Buy the recent iMac 21.5" (ME086LL/A) shows as having 10.8 pre-installed vs 10.9 does ME086LL/A come with 10.9 or will that be something I'll need to install when I buy my iMac in the summer?

  7. Thank you for the review OS X Mav.  My only concern is compatibility with all my photography software PS cc Lightroom 5.3 perfect photo suite 8 and color efex pro 4 and HDR efex pro 2 but it looks like all is good from the manufacture's web sites.  My question is, you mentioned that you had two 30" displays.  I am in the market for new displays. If you don't mind which displays did you settle on?

  8. I have a 15 inch macbook pro from 2011, I believe and it's 10.6.8. I'm so iffy about upgrading, I've heard that people have lost all of their data, that it's slow, it freezes and I'm just nervous about upgrading. Can I get some tips please

  9. The quicklook preview function was murdered.  I have thousands of midi files I use in Logic. I can no longer preview them in finder to know which one I want to use. I have to open them up individually in another app which is so F'N TEDIOUS.

  10. I've read about people having problems with mavericks where it didn't work right and they lost almost all important data to them like years worth of pictures and stuff. Should I hold off on upgrading?

  11. I hate "Mavericks"  as an os release name–sounds totally MS.  Its time for apple to update the look of this very ugly ui–big chrome bezels on the windows, absurdly cartoonish toolbar icons.  What are they thinking?  Functionally–they've just been adding more clutter for the last 5 years.  Yes, it works.  But the desktop os's are pretty tapped out.

  12. My Macbook pro i-5 17 inch is not without its problem mainly battery now i see why they discontinued the 17 inch Macbook Pro i ordered a new battery so we'll see.  other than that i have no gripes I run Win 7 on bootcamp with design tools like XLINX,MatLab,PSPICE no problems.  Its running like a champ on OSX mavericks too.  

  13. I thoroughly expected to sit sit through a very dull, but necessary, review of this product. I feel like I just got off a roller coaster. Take Jerry Lewis, Woody Allen and Steve Jobs, smoosh them all together, give them a cappuccino and a mac and you have this review.  I'm subbing. PS Rolled Backedness? That's unpossible…

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