NO TOOLS NEEDED How to replace your 27 inch iMac screen glass monitor

You can check out different sizes and tools for your Mac here

If you want to buy a replacement for your iMac screen you can buy it here:

If you need LCD for your iMac:

The audio got messed when recording. I held the mute on the microphone on this one. Sorry but I still wanted to post the process. At least it gives you an idea what goes on behind the scenes. If anyone have a question about how to do it,…

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  1. the screen of my 2012 iMac come completely off while I was in the kitchen! wtf!!! is like the glue that attaches the screen to the monitor wear off. i put the screen back and it fit but the right of the screen has a line of broken glass. well now I have an iPhone with shattered glass and an iMac too. I love apple but seriously I'm considering not buying more apple products in the future!

  2. What did the glass cost and where do I order one for a reasonable price. I'm not getting any audio on this video, but it looks like the glass screen just pulls off and snaps back in. I just called a computer repair facility in my area. The tech said just to replace the damaged glass would cost $299. Seems outrageous. I had to ask him a 2nd time and he confirmed. Just as well buy a new monitor than pay such a ridiculous price.

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