NEW 2013 Apple MacBook Air 11″ Battery Test

What’s up YouTube? I’m Blake. For my second video on the new Mid-2013 MacBook Air, I made this unscientific battery test, with side by side comparison of the Mid-2012 MacBook Air (both 11.6″ and Core i5). How long do they last? Which one wins? Watch and see! Please feel free to leave comments or questions and I will try to respond. Also be sure to like and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

This is the app I used for battery information:

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49 comments on NEW 2013 Apple MacBook Air 11″ Battery Test

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  2. I have had the new 2014 13 inch model for a couple months now and I am getting around 15 hours of battery life. All I'm doing is taking notes and doing assignments for college with pages and watching YouTube videos most of the day. I'm really impressed with it. And I actually run out of time at the end of the day before I can actually run it out of battery.

  3. Do you have an idea of the comfortability of using the laptop in different physical space? (sitting on lap, in a chair, propped on legs at about 60* angle, etc? I'm thinking about the 11" vs a retina 13" pro. Mostly in terms of long-term value and possibly sharing it.

  4. I bought the new MBA 2013model  2 weeks ago and so far I havent gotten anything over 5 hours battery life on 100 percent. I am usually just web browsing on low brightness no videos etc. I bought it for the battery so this isnt good enough, should i complain to apple? (bought directly from their website)

  5. I just got the MBA few months ago, and I barely used it for 2. It just sits in the kitchen for light browsing, I just use it when I travel for summer… The battery used to last 6-7 hours at the start, now it only lasts 2.5 hours, or 3 with the screen dimmed out and the keyboard illumination turned off. Its complete shit. Selling it, lots of Apple fanboys out there who will love it even through all its shortcomings.

  6. what if i work on photoshop ,, playing video 1 hour ,, open safari ,, screen brightness 100% , backlit keypord 100% ????

    please answer me because am thinking to buy macbook air 13" in this week 🙂

  7. Blake, it shows its 700mHz below its capacity. Iv since sold this model to a friend and so will enjoy a 2013 model in about 2 weeks as im to get a custom build one. Thanks again for your most informative videos

  8. Hmm… I would suggest downloading the Coconut Battery program and see the stats on your battery usage, if you haven't already. I thought I remember hearing these batteries were supposed to be 80% health after 1,000 charge cycles. 2 hours sounds like less than 50% health. But it also depends on how much you are taxing the system resources. There are plenty of programs to monitor that too. In any case, the battery can be replaced, but technically it is not considered a user-replaceable part.

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