My experience with MacOS (High) Sierra on an unsupported Mac

This MacBook Pro from mid-2009 officially supports up to 10.11 El Capitan, but thanks to Internet user dosdude1, I’ve had 10.12 Sierra running on it for over a year, and it worked well. Now I’ve upgraded to 10.13 High Sierra, and yes, it’s still good. It works this well because there is a machine worse than this one (MacBook late 2009) which is supported!

However, if you also have an unsupported Mac and you have no real reason to upgrade, you might want to stick with El Capitan, most modern…

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  1. TheComputerGuy96, as soon as I try and update to 10.13.2 through the App Store I lose all functionality of Safari (not loading website data), mail (blank emails), and blank App Store upon restart. I have tried to re-patch using dosdude's software, trying a force cache rebuild, resetting NPRAM, everything! Do you know of any way around this? I re-ran the boot disk and rolled back to 10.12.1 and everything is fine. Currently there are no further patch updates from dosdude through his patch updater. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

  2. I may have missed it while watching, but once an update rolls around can you just update as normal? Or will Apple screw you in any way? Again I skimmed through the video so if he did say I appoligize for asking…

  3. Apple Steve Jobs does it better…. iMac and Mac is expensive machine. Apple couldn't even make older models beat modern PC. Steve Jobs could do it. Tim Cook's apple. face palm…

  4. I must say that my dad's MacBook cannot update to High Sierra. It copies the files from Sierra, wants to reboot, shows Apple logo with text wait 45minutes makes weird sound multiple times reboots and then macOS installer window shows with error saying something with firmware..

  5. nice i have a macbook white unibody 2010 and it runs badly on Yosemite although however it is running on a hard drive and 2GB of RAM but i will upgrade it soon in my opinion you should sell both this macbook and your HP and get a 2015 just saying though just my opinion anyway nice video will you be carrying on destroying operating systems!

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