Macbook Pro trackpad moves but doesn’t register clicks; logic board issue

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33 comments on Macbook Pro trackpad moves but doesn’t register clicks; logic board issue

  1. my macbook pro from 2011 sometimes doesn't register a mouse click or a click with the trackpad and other times it performs a double click even though I clicked only once…

  2. Macbook Pros trackpads are built, default settings, to do Left-click and Right-click near the bottom (closest to you) of the track pad. Right-clicking is accomplished with two fingers. You can see all the variations that are user-choice in the System Preferences > Trackpad, where you wall also have the option of setting light-touch (no-click) clicks. I have been using mine for 7 years merely tapping the trackpad without any clicks.

    Additionally, there is a set-screw that performs a height adjustment for the trackpad located inside at the front. It's a single screw closest tot he front edge. It requires removing the battery for access, but that screw allows you to adjust the "level of click difficulty" so to speak. It is likely NOT a like issue, and your truning the Mac upside down probably "adjusted' that setting. Makes sense to me.

  3. Midas Touch. I have a lot customers that have tried everything to get their phone to turn on. They hand it to me and I press the power button and it turns on and works just fine. I can't fix it if it ain't broken. LOL. You answered an old question I've had nagging me forever. It's all like duh. OK, thank you : )

  4. I think that the computer registers that lid has been opened once it passes certain threshold. I believe you can open the lid so tight you can place your finger there and click the trackpad. If there was no button disabled, you could wake it up while it's still "closed".

    This is how it works on my ASUS laptop.

  5. i have always thought you sounded good with your mics. and the dbl ear mic sounds absolutly great! oh while i have you on here. i have a iphone 6 its my daughters phone. i tried to fire it up but to no avail. i replaced the charge port and battery and i still dont get any video or sound assuming its an ic chip under the mother board. where can i order ic's wholesale? i know yur in the buss to make money but this is my kids phone and i cant see charging her .and also , do they come already balled ? i recalled you saying they do in one of your videos..but cant remember if i saw this lesson from your videos .thanks Louis in advance for anything you can suggest. as for that lap top , its stupid once its closed who gives a fuck you cant get your fingers inside it once its closed anyhow. take care your student

  6. My MacBook trackpad just makes the cursor move all over the place clicking on shit randomly, you're making me think I have a logic board issue. I have to use a USB mouse as a workaround.

  7. 1:30 Had same experience. My MacBook Pro stuck at Apple Logo one day. Tried to reset SMC & NVRAM but didn't work. So the next day, I went to Apple Store and showed them what's wrong. When I turned it on in front of the guy there, it started working normally. I was like… WTF? The guy from Apple Store looked at me like "Seriously, bro. Are you kidding me?"

  8. The solution is to give your customers a camera and tell them to duplicate the problem on camera and keep recording their usage until the problem happens, they will never have issues again

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