Macbook Pro PBUS VP0R sensor issue running slow common issue

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12 comments on Macbook Pro PBUS VP0R sensor issue running slow common issue

  1. Hey Louis, Your an unparalleled logic board genius.
    I am facing same issue with my MBP Late 2011 and visited your store today afternoon to get it repaired from you .But looks like you charge 325$ to even touch the logic board which made me rethink and decided not to repair it 🙁

  2. Hey Louis! I have a suggestion for a video if you would like to try it. You know how those pesky corroded pads that don't really want to wet and take the solder. I have come upon an acid flux that works wonders on them and in most cases you don't even have to scratch away at them, which sometimes causes the pad to lift and come off. Try Kester 2331-ZX Flux. Put a little on the pads and just run solder over it a couple times and there you have it! A clean, beautiful, soldered pad. 🙂

  3. Would drilling with a tiny pillar drill through the broken via to run a wire through it be a viable strategy? After all the via didn't lead anywhere else and it has a diameter of clearance away from any other copper track on all layers.

  4. Hi, could u give me link for one of ur videos where i can see how to diagnose problem. How to know what i need to fix. Like i know that it is problem with logic board but how to know which part of it, what i need to replace (fix). Thanks in advance. Cheears 🍻

  5. of the many wire bodges you've preformed have you ever encountered or wondered if the makeshift trace/wire affects the signaling enough for the fix to not work or cause an issue

  6. I've not been subscribed to your channel for long, but it strikes me that every time we see a board that one of your customers brought in, it looks like they've been using their electronics while going for a swim in the east river, or they just fished the board out of a dumpster somewhere… How do they generally manage to accomplish this level of disgusting?

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