Mac Pro 1.1 2006 model Ultimate Upgrade EVGA GTX 980 SC

Hi I made this video because I was challenged by a mate to make this 2006 Mac Pro 1.1 faster or as fast as a current day gaming machine so I did. no regrets 4K gaming playback has given my machine a hole new lease of life and is now my daily driver again and gaming machine. you just need a to up grade the Mac OS to 10.10.2 and up and install the Nvidia Web-drivers. I also need a 8800GTX because I need a GPU that was supported by both Lion and Yosemite for the OS upgrade hack. no you do not…

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  1. Hello! Is old video, but i need help. My Mac Pro 2.1 2006 quad core 3ghz 32gb ram work in snow leopard, but In my usb yosemite whit boot Efi hack. My question is.. Run gtx 970 in Yosemite? Downlad driver?

  2. Hey buddy, thanks for putting this video together, I'm using Mac Pro 1.1 just done El Cap on it and got a EVGA GTX 970. Problem is the card is not recognised.

    Got all the drivers downloaded and CUDA says No GPU detected.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Bobby 🙂

  3. I am in the process of upgrading a 1.1 (flashed to 2.1), and I've got to know… how did you get 10.10 on your Mac? I've found Lion is the highest it will let me go. We are also having trouble with the 970 we ordered. We decided to just use Windows on the Mac with boot camp, but the card will not load on screen when we power it on, and the fans will turn off a short while into the boot up. Any advice is appreciated, it's sure been exciting seeing everyone else get their systems up and running 🙂

  4. I just purchased a 'EVGA NVIDIA GTX 980 4GB' for my forgotten about MacPro 1,1. Does OSX report your GPU as x16 or x8 on the PCIe 1.1 slot? I have seen issues with other (modern) GPUs in this slot.

    This is a great post, you've done some amazing work, very inspiring! Bless that old MacPro eh?

  5. I haven't got Yosemite to properly work on my Mac pro 1,1, I have tried multiple different ways and it just doesn't work. Might be my ram and card but I just ordered a 32gb kit. It refused to use my 750 Ti FTW so I might have to find a different card.

  6. I've installed a GTX 960 in my Mac Pro and it doesn't show anything on the screen? I've installed/updated to OS X 10.10.5 and downloaded the drivers for k5000 for Mac and installed (updated) but still no luck can you please help me!!

  7. I bough an MSI GTX 980 GAMING , and installed it on Macpro 2006 1,1 ( I have 2 More macpros wth firmware updated to 2,1 ) Tried it on all 3 and It would not work at all. I also Instaled and old GT7300 card to be able to see what was happening and I got a Kernel BlackAPPLE Logo panic and it would restart.

    what exact model did you use?

  8. @kevin Ayres

    I'm having a similar problem to what @Nfs Carbon Most Wanted was having. Running OSX 10.10.5 on Mac Pro 1,1 flashed to 2,1 with 2 x 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon.

    I replace my flashed Radeon HD470 with the GTX 970 and it appears to want to try to boot, (the cinema display flashes with mouse in upper left hand corner) and then cuts back to black. Does this appear to be a power issue with the 6 pin connector, or perhaps an issue with the driver?

    It booted once and worked fine. I think I messed with the drivers possibly trying to get CUDA to work in premiere pro CS6. When i shut down and started back up it was back to the black screen business that was happening before.

    I just replaced the GTX with the Radeon and it now appears to be running fine.

    Any advice?

  9. hi nice video i have the same mac i have installed EL capitan my config is 16 gb ram 2×2.66 intel xeon and gtx750 2gb edition but i can't get the nvida card to work after installing the nvidia web driver my mac is stuck with black screen i don't know what to do any idea ? thanks

  10. For those asking about the mix song used here, it's by Hey Now-MK2 (Electro)…all I did to find it was used an Android app called "Soundhound" to find it…the app listens to the song and gives you the album…

  11. I've just installed a MSI GTX 980 OCV1 in my Mac Pro 1,1 (2,1) running OS X 10.10.5 and the latest Web drivers for my OS X build after running (sudo nvram boot-args="nvda_drv=1) it's boots but only with one monitor connected. I've tried different combinations of outputs and adapters and the only common denominator is no matter which port I use as long as only one port is in use at boot the GTX will boot. All the monitor work properly after booting just not during boot. Any notes are appreciated.

  12. Your videos are the reason why I bought my 1,1… Same upgraded specs except the vid card (currently a 950), I love tinkering with it and it's still no slouch in performance

  13. Is there any CPU'S that can work with my Mac? I think mine is 2006-2008 (I THINK) and it has a dual-core sssoooooo…….I need upgrades and where did you get the parts?

  14. So I have about the same set-up as you exept for the video card. Now I'm running metro last light redux at ultra on win 7 with a gtx 470. Knowing that doom 4 is release like tomorrow, is my mac pro would benefit an upgrade like that with a pcie 1 bandwidth ? Did you see a massive improvement ? Thank !

  15. 2nd question:
    does the 980 only work with windows or does it work on mac as well?
    Im thinking about doing this using a GTX 970 or and AMD R9 for a video editing workstation/casual gamer, so I need plenty of Open CL rendering power for cost

    3rd question: other than the GPU, how much did these upgrades cost (usd)?

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