Mac OS X Yosemite Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac OS X easy keyboard shortcuts that work on Yosemite. A more comprehensive list of shortcut keys is in this description. Happy typing.

• Add Selected Item to Sidebar — Command+Control+T
• Show Inspector (on selected item or items) — Option+Command+I
• Close All Windows — Option+Command+W

• Go to Applications Folder — Shift+Command+A
• Desktop Folder — Shift+Command+D
• Go to All My Files — Shift+Command+F
• Go to Home Folder — Shift+Command+H
• Log Out…

3 comments on Mac OS X Yosemite Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. This is not very helpful or useful.  If there were only an app that easily let one redefine keyboard shortcuts like in the old Mac operating systems, that would be much more user-friendly

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