Linux Tutorials [01] – Basics Of Linux Operating System

Linux is a free and open source operating system which brings is mainly used in Servers and Supercomputers. Linux is bundled with features of Windows and Mac OS X. Since its open source, we have various linux distributions which cater to different needs of different users. Any user can make his own linux operating system too. Linux uses extended journaling filesystem.

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47 comments on Linux Tutorials [01] – Basics Of Linux Operating System

  1. Hallo, could you please help me? I made a gameboy with a raspberry pi zero, the problem is that the rasperry pi zero only has one mini usb hub. I soder a USB hub to it but it does not get power enough. I need to change the speed of the USB hub to 1.1 in the config.txt file… but I do not know what I should write… could you tell me how to do it or which line should I add to my config.txt file? thanks a lot

  2. Haber inmigrante con voz de ano constipado: Linux NO tiene "Marketshare" pendejete, por que NO se vende animal. No hay un registro claro de cuantas personas adquieren computadoras con windoze por que así las venden, para después cambar a Linux, maldita bestia y segundo si de aplicaciones hablamos, Linux no es para pendejetes, así que no vas a encontrar tus aplicaciones para "Picabotones como tú" quieres ver grandes aplicaciones, ve postgre SQL, ve Grass Gis, Z21, Houdini, Blender, Octave, Eagle y no mamadas para degenerados con voz de idiota.

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