Install Pro Tools 10.3.10 on OSX 10.10+ in less than 8 minutes!!!

Here is how to install Pro Tools 10.3.10 on OSX 10.10+ in under 8 minutes. I was having terrible trouble after upgrading to the latest version of OSX…I couldn’t record any new music and that can be depressing if you’re an artist. Luckily I’ve found a way around this issue just watch and see!

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29 comments on Install Pro Tools 10.3.10 on OSX 10.10+ in less than 8 minutes!!!

  1. I did this and now it is no longer possible to open almost all of my apps, including Terminal, which is what I need to change the system.plist file back to normal!!! Now I am stuck wondering if there is even a way to get my system back to normal without completely reverting back to factory settings. THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE EITHER COMPLETELY TAKEN DOWN OR REPLACED WITH ANOTHER THAT ADDRESSES THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great video. Everything worked as planned. My only question is, after going to all the steps, my mac is being having issues restarting and shutting down, where it just hangs. Can you tell me how to go about fixing this?

  3. can you make a tutorial mixing a rap song from start to finish, or can i send you a session to do like a referral to , to show us how mabby you might mix a song, and with plugins, and aux sends

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