iCloud Photo Library: What you need to know!

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Photos for OS X brings the Mac into the modern age of picture and video management, tying it into both the operating system and the cloud.

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23 comments on iCloud Photo Library: What you need to know!

  1. the worst software in the world. too risky and ez to loss everything you got. 1 setting mistake and you losing everything . i don't how a person can use iphone vs android. its make no sense. i think many iphone users afraid to make the change.

  2. This may have already been asked but my understanding is that once you enable iCloud Photo library on your mobile device, that the photos on the mobile device is wiped clean of photos? 1) Is that true? And (2) if you have your entire Photo Library on iCloud, can you keep/save/store photos on your iMac too? In other words, can you have the photos in the iCloud AND on your hard-drive? Is it one (iCloud) or the other (desktop), or can you have photos saved permanently on both? Lastly, (3) if you one day decide to stop using iCloud, can you download your iCloud photos FROM iCloud and save them all on your mobile device or desktop or do you just lose access to them?

  3. I was wondering if you could help me with an iCloud issue. I've got an iphone 6S plus 64G an ipod touch 64G and an ipad air 16G and my question is, how can i stop my ipad from downloading photos from my ipod and iphone photos from the cloud while still being able to view my photo library on my ipad? My ipad keeps saying my storage is full! I'd really like some help so if you could i would really appreciate it, thanks

  4. All this has been on Android phones for years. And if you pay for an account with Google you can decide if you want ads or not. Furthermore Goodle does not, as their Agreements state. Read all Agreements with Apple, Microsoft and Google before you speak out something you do not know. I am so tired of all bad talking of Google. I use Google Apps since 2008 and I am totally satisfied with their Cloud.

  5. if i do this… does it save all my albums as well..? like i got all my photos and videos organized into albums. Does iCloud keep those albums as they are or does it reorganize them based other criteria ..?

  6. Don't no why I change over to this and it didn't upload all my Mac pics to all my Devices only some and then when I would take pics with my phone it would upload to iCloud but won't go to my Mac.. And everything it up to date with updates

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