How to use One Drive( Sky Drive) to share files and Do document collaboration

OneDrive is a reliable cloud storage platform to share files and folders, Stored documents can be accessed from any web browser or local device such as Android, iOS, Mac/PC or Windows devices.

Tutorial explains How to create a document on One drive, share your files and folders and method to do online editing and document collaboration. One drive was previously known as sky drive, It is owned by Microsoft, so if you prefer to work on windows then chances are high that you will find it…

22 comments on How to use One Drive( Sky Drive) to share files and Do document collaboration

  1. I want to share a file, but I want to sync my father's laptop, not only in the browser. in the desktop app too
    is it possible to sync a file in both pcs with the windows app onedrive?

    we both have windows 10

  2. i wish i could work on my excel sheet in my android device using office suite application while offline and as soon I'll be online it'll be SYNCHRONIZED eith one drive automatically and vice versa.

  3. hi Harish, Lets say I have a excel file in my device as well as in one drive. Now If i make some changes in the same file in device can it be update the changes in one drive as well ??

  4. Thank You for your short and precise tutorial covering almost everything. Suggest, you create more tutorial on MS office. You can be a very good teacher and you will also save our time by not watching hours of tutorial. Thank You Again.

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