How To Setup And Install A Spigot/Bukkit Server 1.8 [Mac]

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  1. I'm getting a Mac pretty soon. It's my first time having a Mac. It's not really my first time having a Mac. When I was 7 years old my dad got me this iMac. It worked for a solid 3 years, but in 2009 it broke down. I used Windows PCs ever since. Now that I'm getting into development and video editing and things like that, I'm watching videos like this one on how to find my way around the OS.

  2. For everyone saying this doesn't work and you can't find the files, they're probably still there but in the wrong place and you'll have to search for them with Spotlight Search. I found mine in ~/(YourUserName)/ along with all other folders.

  3. +Lavish Gaming Dude, when I opened my Buildtools folder, I got everything u had at 5:33 but the .jar files/ I have the spigot and craftbukkit FOLDERS, but not the .jar files. Any help?

  4. Git doesn't work. When I download it, it says it works fine. Then I check git version and it says error in the terminal. I redownloaded it like twenty times and it still doesn't work. Got any ideas?

  5. When I check for git version it says Segmentation Fault: 11. What should I do? When I try to run BuildTools.jar after that with java -jar it says there is an error with git.

  6. Hey Lavish, hope all is well. Was wondering if you could help me out with setting up my Minecraft server on Mac. I'm currently running into an error that seems to be missing from your video. If you could, follow me on Twitter @BlackMagicvg and shoot me a private message. Thank you very much so.

  7. as a quick tip you dont have to get git as during the server install it will prompt to install if you dont have it all ready. this is wayyyyy easier then getting it off the site

  8. all worked for me. I pre downloaded the files and I followed all details after that. I had a few errors and thats because I did not follow the vid so make sure you don't close the files and do as he does

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