How to Recover Lost Data from Android after Factory Reset

Lost data after factory reset Android? Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery will be your assistance. First enable USB debugging mode on the phone and connect it to your computer. Then use Android Data Recovery to scan the phone’s internal memory and find out your lost data, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, notes, and…

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  1. So i was recently having wifi issues with Lg G3 and took it for repair and the shopkeeper said that a factory reset might be useful so i agreed to it not knowing that it will delete all the info like music photos memo's. After i got my phone back it was all gone i got really upset and really want my personal data back i did not backed up and so if there is a chance of me getting my info back please let me know it will be really kind of you. And u will be super thankful please
    Thank u

  2. yar please koi insaaon ki trah ka software koi btayen plz mjy ek cel mela ha aur jis ka ha us ko waps karna ha lakeen us mein na us ki koi pic ha na koi data to kesy us ko revoer krun please don't mind help me ????

  3. How shall I know that all data is really gone? I am about to send back my phone, and do not want others to get access to my personal info, like photos, internet browsing, passwords, etc? Factory reset is fast but do not seems to do it? Is the key to simply overloading the phone so it overwrittes the old data?

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