How to make a bootable Snow Leopard USB

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Full guide can be found here:

A Mac/Hackintosh
Snow Leopard DMG/ISO
Chameleon RC3:

Part 1: Make the bootable Snow Leopard USB – This is it!
Part 2: Installing Snow Leopard – Link Coming Soon
Part 3: Making the EFI Partition – Coming Soon

31 comments on How to make a bootable Snow Leopard USB

  1. Definitley moving too fast. Don't forget we're looking to people like you for advice. For the dumb among us…..How did you make the .ISO file? It just seemed to appear on your desktop. That needs to be explained.

  2. What happened to your voice🔇you a mute…just a little difficult to just go with it like this…….well guess I'll keep looking for a video with sound🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊…Don't wanna take no chances on fucking something off…….Thanks anyways.

  3. Excuse-me on my mac when I'm trying to restore the image disc to the pen drive… my mac says: "(…)cannot scan the image (…)" and i can't pass through… what should I do? thanks!

  4. hey bud, whenever i boot to usb, the installer doesn't come up. But if i click on it then click install, it flashes up for a second then closes immediately. Any ideas of whats gone wrong?

  5. What do I do if my HD isn't showing up, after holding down the alt-option key, it's just bringing the HD volume up, and not the snow. Everything else when fine during he installation process.

  6. You restart your computer and right when you see the white screen you hold down the "option" key until you see your hardrive and ur USB drive. Click the USB drive and then snow leopard will start to install.

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