How to install macOS Sierra on any pc.

Do you want to use the new macOS Sierra on your pc? Wait but its not a mac? no problem follow this video and you will able to fulfill your dream. Install macOS Sierra on ANY PC by following this simple guide.



Unibeast:- …

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  1. I successfully hackintoshed my laptop but there are some problems:

    1) I have 4 gb graphics but it is showing only 7mb.
    2) Function keys like the brightness control etc not working.
    3) Battery status.
    Dell Inspiron 5559
    Intel HD 520 1GB
    AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GB
    Audio: Realtek
    Intel AC 3160 wifi adapter
    Please help

  2. Hi, I made the bootload usb with Unibeast on a mac.
    My system spec is I7 5960, 32GB RAM, AMD 390 8GB gpu, SSD, 4 HD's
    i get to clover, select external, the apple symbol appears and then i get a No Entry sign
    i've Disabled the following in the bios as recommended : VTd, CFG, IO serial port, USB 3, AS media usb3
    mother board is Asus X99.
    Any ideas on how to solve the no entry sign on installer ?

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