How To Get Videos Off Your Sony Handycam And Use Them On A Mac

39 comments on How To Get Videos Off Your Sony Handycam And Use Them On A Mac

  1. Hello i cant find the usb thingy on my camera it is a sony HDR-PJ530 it is for a school project i need to edit it with my edit program (Movie maker Windows) but i cant connect if i dont find the Usb plug thing Could someone help me Please!! ? ;(

  2. Great video! I had no idea how to connet my new Sony Handycam! Thanks for the help! When I couldn't get it to work in quicktime, I had no idea what to do! Thanks again!!!

  3. I connect my video camera to my macbook and it takes foreverrrrr to upload on to my macbook. what should I do? sometime it works and sometimes it doesnt

  4. well i use a program called screen flow witch is a desktop and recording program and editor all in one, its nice, cost 100 bucks but would be worth it if you trying to make things easier.

  5. thanks for the help with this. separate question, how can I make instructional videos like yours? I need to send set up instructions for modems to people and I would love to send a nice slick vid like this instead of spending hours on the phone.

  6. SD card yes, not sure about W7S never used it, but know it has limited features, put the files on your desktop from your card and try to import to windows live movie maker, some formats are NOT compatible with it, in that case you need to find an editor that will handel that file type. in most cases movie maker will work fine.

  7. Can I import videos from SD card onto computer/ Windows Movie Maker? Also, what does it mean by "Not supported by Windows 7 Starter? Will that prevent me? I'm new at all this. Can someone help me? PLEASE!!!

  8. When I plug the usb cable to my mac, it said you inserted a blank DVD.. What should I do? I have a sony handycam dcr-dvd805e.. Pls Reply…

  9. I have Sony Xr160 HD camcorder and im so upset that i cannot copy and paste the videos to my mac.When importing into Imovie it takes ages as it imports in real time….Can someone help me out what program or software to use to copy and paste….

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