How to access the Deep Web using Tor

In this video we learn how to access the deep web (Tor hidden services) on Windows, Mac, and Linux by installing the Tor Browser Bundle.

– Tor Browser Bundle download
– Deep Web Links

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45 comments on How to access the Deep Web using Tor

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  2. i am not so good with computers so i wont download this cause i heard just being on deep web makes you vunerable to hacking and also no joke some people just sit there and wait for a victim to start browsing the dark net and tracks them down and kills them in cold blood

  3. The 'Tor' system was created by the Security Services enabling their operatives to communicate without the need for ciphers and secret meetings in public spaces. If anyone genuinely believes that they can operate with impunity on the web then they are are wrong. The 'Security Services' are the biggest criminals on this planet are are keen to guard their manifestly 'dark' actions involving colossal drug trafficking, child slavery and massive money laundering activities anywhere in the World. The authorities don't give a shit about who buys what on the Tor. They use it to recruit and manipulate the outcomes.
    People are encouraged to use it ! As soon as you mention 'Privacy' issues then people will want their alternative system, the one they built to see into your mindset and see what exactly 'turns – you – on ' Remember, it is not what you 'believe' to be true that matters , it's what you do that creates their interest. The occasional story on the main news is geared to get traffic onto Tor and see who is 'interested' in the more 'dark' side of life !! And just to focus your mind….the Security Services are not there to protect you, your family and your country. They exist to protect the system that allows nations to operate like overlords in all the manifestly gross and illegal , immoral ways you could ever imagine, all under the guise of concern for the moral compass of a nation, whilst they plunder, pillage and loot all of your freedoms and rights. Nothing is hidden. It is all in plain sight You just need to open your eyes and see.

  4. I have some sort of "parrot" on my shoulder. It goes everywhere I go online and "deletes" everything I say. I guess you'd call that a "censoring troll." As a result, I have no idea how long this posting will remain here, but for what it's worth, here goes,…
    This information was posted here on Dec 4th 2014!!! It is now year 2017. The deep web and TOR have changed quite a bit since then. And the authorities have found a very simple way to maliciously insert their OWN computers into the TOR nodes!!! As your IP address passes through THOSE computers ( referred as IP "skimmers" ) they will record your IP address, which will no longer be disguised!!! That alone won't get you "busted," as it is mainly for surveillance purposes. It's what's called a "Man In The Middle" attack!!! BUT!",… they also know how to go to illegal websites ( where the incriminating evidence is!!! ) and inject one of their "skimmers" onto the end of THAT!!!! when your computer's signal goes into what should be the "destination," it then goes one link further into the POLICE computer!!! Your IP address gets recorded and,…. "BUSTED!!!" In short, they now have a way to catch you "RED HANDED!!!" Right there on the right side menu, there's a YouTube video by Garrett Fogerlie called "How Tor Users Got Caught – Defcon 22." So don't be a fool and try and view illegal porn!!! Also, if you think that the "blackmailers" don't have the technology and wherewithall to pinpoint the location of your computer, ,…. think again!!! These sinister individuals make it their life's MISSION to identify anyone and everyone who dares venture into their online domains!!! So don't even THINK about going into the viper's dens!!! FOOLS BEWARE!!!

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