Hands-on: Final Cut Pro 10.4 – 360 VR, Enhanced Color Tools, HDR, and more! [9to5Mac]

Hands-on with Final Cut Pro 10.4 ( $299 – Mac App Store: ), the highly anticipated update to Apple’s venerable NLE. Final Cut Pro 10.4 is arguably its biggest update ever. New features like 360 VR support, advanced color grading toolset, and HDR support are just the tip of the iceberg. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough as we provide a high level overview of many of the key new features and changes.

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30 comments on Hands-on: Final Cut Pro 10.4 – 360 VR, Enhanced Color Tools, HDR, and more! [9to5Mac]

  1. Question, who edited that video?

    Does that person have an idea about the purpose of music or that you put music against video only if it has a purpose, remember it is called "film music"? Please take his or her music folder away. This music in the background is just plain annoying and even worse, it has not purpose.

    Since music is so devaluated that it doesn't cost anything anymore and you have tons of folders with free music , music editors now think they have to use it. Either it is blasting so loud that it covers the dialog, or, like in this case, it so low that it is annoying TURN IT OFF!

    Even elevator music has more purpose than this. If i need that, then I turn on my own background music, thank you very much.

    Unfortunately, this practice spreads like cancer all over YouTube and Facebook. No CSPAN clip without somebody putting some loop to it.
    New Final Cut Pro 10.5 feature request. AI-plugin that automatically deletes any music Clip that has no purpose.

  2. Love your comments on the new Final Cut Pro 10. I do have one non-Final Cut question for you. Underneath your right monitor you have a digital display that shows the weather a clock and other things what is that?

  3. resizable layout on Logic X plugin was an old feature actually. it only works for native plugins.

    it’s abt time FCPX gets color grading improvements, back in the day i use Apple Color for alternative

  4. 10.4 is missing:
    1. Project/Media trimmer (priority)
    2. Motion Tracker
    3  Motion Round-tripping
    4. TimeLine Tabs
    5. Better Filter/Fx favourites management
    6. FCPX requires complete key-framing overhaul
    I suspect there are many editors that require 1,2 & 3 before ever requiring VR capabilities.

  5. Been working with FCPX on a daily basis for almost 5 years, and I’ve got to say: it’s about frickin time!! Why in the world did it take Apple so long to realize that pro’s need pro color features!?

    Sorry, rant over, but it almost angers me more that they finally «fixed» it than if they had just left it as is.

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