Hackintosh OS X Sierra i7 6700k Skylake & GTX 970 Build Guide

I use this Hackintosh as my main rig switching between OS X and WIN 10. The main purpose of this machine was too directly upgrade from my 2014 iMac 5k which got me about 20-25 FPS gaming and now I’m over a 100 FPS in most games. And they say you can’t game on a Mac HAHA!

In this video I will show you how to install apples latest OS X Sierra onto a custom build pc running intel cpu. This is known as a hackintosh.

Common Nvidia Problems…

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  1. Spectacular Desk Station. Can you show me the IKEA component to have that Desk ? I suppose Limnmon Table Top con 2 Drawer Unit (left and right). Between Table and DrawerUnit is there little silver stand. What are that ? thank you for answer 🙂

  2. I've used the hardware you've suggested but getting missing operating system. Could it be the USB drive I used was not created correctly with unibeast 7.1.1? I set all BIOS the options like your setup. All the hard ware is working fine I put another drive in it to see if Windows had any issues with hardware. Seems to be an issue with the USB drive.

  3. Hey, Ive tried your vid and 9tomac.and I'm having same issue once I go into clover manager and click on boot macOS from install it shows the apple logo but then my pc reboots.

  4. After I changed the Nvidia from False to True I get a black screen ? Cant login or anything now… what to do ?
    Have the same mobo, same cpu, have an asus 1080 strix

  5. This is a great tutorial. I'm feeling like an idiot for buying high end mac mini 2014, stuck with 2-core version with no upgrade capability. I will try to go Hackintosh on my current PC build:
    Gigabyte B150M-D3H
    Intel Core i3-6100
    HyperX Fury RAM (1866)
    Samsung 850
    and integrated graphics for now.

    I got a question. Is it gonna be easy to upgrade to quad-core processor later on? Some additional work needed or will it work right away?

  6. I built a super similar computer, 6700k UD5 TH, 980ti etc. When I get the black screen with the apple logo, it get hung up and never starts to install. Any suggestions?

  7. Granted that this build has sick per core performance that will be needed by many for games. I have both a windows and a mac box and use the mac for professional audio editing. Things like photoshop, premier, pro tools, logic etc depend on multi core performance. And even a 2010 Mac Pro will blow this build when it comes to multicore performance. Heres my geekbench 3 score for my Mac Pro 5,1: http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/8290923

    Great build, its gonna be sick for gaming!!!

  8. Thanks for your great vid. Just built my second Hackintosh (mATX Customac) and am about to install Sierra on it. However, I do have a question. Did you do the OS install with the graphics card inserted in the PCIE slot or did you leave it off until after you loaded the Nvidia drivers, using the onboard graphics instead? My first build was done with the graphics card not inserted into the motherboard until the OS install was completed and only added after going into bios and disabling the onboard graphics. I'm just a little perplexed as logic tells me that the graphics card won't work if the Nvidia drivers are not loaded.

  9. I don't have a mac so do you have to download all the stuff at the start on a mac or will windows work ?

    Thanks Morgan ( my name is not bob)

  10. Hello. I have issue with intel HD 530 that second monitor(TV) over HDMi is not working. Do you have any advice? I will be grateful.

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