(Hackintosh) HP Elite 8000 Build & Installation Guide

Heres a Guide and build video of the HP Elite 8000. Here i show you adding the Graphics card and SSD and installing OS X to getting post installation up and running. This is a great machine if your on budget.

Link to the Guide on Tonymacx86.

Link to DSDT for ATI 5450 injection. Please note that the DSDT I’ve edited is for BIOS version…

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  1. HEYNOW- Cool Video, many say small form factory computers are very limited to installing decent hardware to play triple A game's. Dec. 2016 , I decided to upgrade my HP instead of buying a new pc. I'm glad I did, thanx 4 posting.

  2. Hey Jack, Need some help. I have ThinkCentre M91p with AMD FirePro v3900 Graphics Card. I successfully installed macOS Sierra but the only glitch is my graphics card is showing 7MB of memory.

    Do you have any ideas how can I get this fix?

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! I followed every step. I just can't boot without usb, everything else is working fine. I mounted efi partition in clover configurator and I only see APPLE folder is that correct or do I need to copy EFI from Macintosh HD. Got any suggestions? Thanks for everything man, keep up the good work!🙏

  4. I just ordered this exact same pc from ebay for $100. I got a different graphics card and some ram. I have a kingston SSD lying around the house so I will put that in. I hope to get OSX running. does this PC have room for another hard drive ?

  5. MacMan, how likely do you think this guide will work for my my HP XW8600 Workstation? I've had that machine for a couple years now and i've never been able to install OS X on it.

  6. hi my pc is hp 8000 elite cmt pc and 320 power supply and core2duo e8400 and 4gb ram but iwant to buy gtx750 ti 2gb ddr5 canmy pc handle it please answer me because i want to this card

  7. Excellent tutorial. May you upload the post installation files again please?
    I am making all the process with a dmg named El pwn version that I have downloded from other tutorial, I dont have a mac to make the USB by myself.
    I can reach the installation, but my 5450 says 3mb, I dont know if I am in a safe mode o what, or simply my procedures with the DSDT are wrong.
    I hope you help me, go ahead with your tutorial are very nice!

  8. i bought one for 70$ and an radeon r5 240 1gb. in future i want to upgrade to gtx750ti lp, but i saw that psu cant handle that. what psu can i buy for this sff??
    powerful psu for this.

  9. Hi Mr.Jack i build hp elit 8000 with ati 5450 the same what you have in video, i use Your tutoraial create bootable usb with enoch form your folder "this will you need" but i dont have DSDT file and when i start install with flags -v -f my screen off no signal. Any hint? where i findgood kext and dsdt. Your link is dead now. I wat for answer thx 🙂 grate video i wont my 1 hackintosh if work i build another on my GA P34 DS3L mothernboards.

  10. what can you do with a 30 GB SSD and why not keep the HDD in it and just add the SSD to it so you can have memory 30 GB is not going to do much or just goo SSHD for size speed and price for that PC

  11. Hi, I notice that you didn't replace the power supply unit to run your Radeon HD 5450. But according to Amazon's listing, a 450 watt power supply recommended. Is everything running smoothly for you even with the 240 watt still in it?

  12. I have that exact same PC as yours. I have a graphics card just like that but it's an Radeon 6350 512MB Video. What video memory does the 5450 you have installed. Can it do up to three monitors with DVI-I and HDMI. What brand for the graphics. I'm trying to look for the right one that does not require external power

  13. Great Video, Have you considered on of these to give it a bit more welly? Used INTEL XEON X5450 3.0GHz/12M/1333Mhz/CPU LGA775 Work Perfect on ebay for £25. I assume they would just work unless the bios needed a microcode update to support them?

  14. Can you please please help me to get iMessage to work on my hackintosh Yosemite 10.10.1 without the clover method since i don't have that boot loader but i have Chimera …… Ive reading so many different things things that my head is exploding 😀

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