Create Firefox Profile in Mac for Selenium Testing

To see firefox profile manage, run following command on terminal
/Applications/ –profilemanager

To get the profile in Windows, you need to run following command in “Run” : firefox -p.
1. Run above Command.
2. Click on Create New Profile button.
3. Assign some name to new profile and a location of your choice.
4. Let it complete and done.
5. Click on the profile name to start the browser.
6. Install some addon to that profile and run that profile…

2 comments on Create Firefox Profile in Mac for Selenium Testing

  1. Hi there! I´m trying this with firefox 39.0. When I run the command to open the profilemanager i get this message in the terminal: "kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0" and the profilemanager opens blank. Whould you have any idea on what's going on?

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