42 Year Old Skate Every Day – 324 – Back After Macbook Meltdown

Oh man, it took me a while to get back up to speed restoring my old computer to my new macbook from a backup hard drive I have. Couldn’t save the old video but i finally got around to editing a session Brian and I had last week. The holidays are upon us which means everything gets super busy. Hoping to get a session or two in this week. We will see what happens.

A big thanks to and for the music in this video and may…

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  1. Wow small world. Welcome to Kearny. I msg you during your first 100 videos. I was 40 too and that Park was my motivation to pick up skating again. Unfortunately I quit due to injury. Skate or Die, we used to say. Guess I’m dead.

  2. Congrats dude, those looked more like 50/50 grinds to me. I bet you'll get those quick!!

    For a stall you want to ride straight up not at a angle. Huck your body to the top and put weight on your heels. It's pretty easy but very scary.. You're a beast though.. YOU can do it, it's easy for you.. Lol but true

  3. Looks like you had some dynamic range/exposure issues, try exposing for the darker bits and take the hit on the sky? Or get some nd filters if thats even a thing on a gopro.

  4. That's right Ben, out in the winter, by yourself, making something happen. That bs 50-50 was proper. I was surprised You barely could ride tranny 3 months ago.It was not an axl stall, but you come out of a bs 50 with more speed. Stay Hessian and do some berts.

  5. Fakie big spins are all in the shoulders man. Don't worry bout the 360 shove it, that will happen automatically. For example, I can't 360 shove it, but I can fakie big spin consistently. Just gotta trust the spin. You're getting close though. Keep up the good work.

  6. Wow! The progress you've made during the last weeks. 🙂 this is what "messing around" with tricks that you think is way beyond your level of skill will lead to. Skating with others that inspire you will also help alot. Also…

  7. Try placing your back foot closer to the toe side of your board in a way that your toes are hanging off a little bit. It definitely helps give you more leverage to whip the board around on shove-its and 3-shoves

  8. Cool session, noseslides are cool, keep on the hard work! You could even try the board slide the same way. Arriving at 45 degres in the beginning. About the challenge, please send me your info.

  9. also you so articulate in what you have to say, you could actually talk about your experiences of life and how u view the world with teachings of advice. Never seen that side of u until today x

  10. I agree about the political stuff. I think you might have hit a nerve because you said it was stupid. There are a lot of people who call people retarded when they don't agree with them. I know you didn't do that, but some people may have felt you were calling them stupid. Most of the time if I post a comment that someone doesn't agree with on Facebook they just unfriend me. People should be able to be friends even if they don't have the same opinion on everything.

    Great to see you back! Good sesh

  11. thing iv'e learnt from you is, skateboarding is really hard work to master, harder than driving or anything.
    people would just look at you and not understand how many hours goes into becoming the level that your at.🙂

  12. Nice session dude , always a pleasure to skate with you and your right our differences in politics has no barring on our skating together, when’s the next session we have a lot to work on at least I do I need my Tre Flips back 100 percent again

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