2015 – How to play Perfect World on Mac OS X

Hello this is a video tutorial, of how to play PW on your Mac STEP by STEP , i use El Capitan, if you use a older version im sure it gonna work because of compatibility.

Link to Wineskin.app –

Link to Perfect World Icon –

Winetricks necessary to have a stable PW with no reportbugs, crashs, etc, according to my…

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  1. hi sir.. i would like to know that why my skill icons/item shortcuts/skill shorcuts/items in bag and sometimes i cannot see my character in game.. I have set like your tutorial and those conditions i got.. thanks for your video and pls answer for solutions..
    I cannot tag my screen shot in here.. but, if you dont mind, pls pm your email so i can send my screen shot.. my email is : bariskolom@yahoo.co.id.
    thanks sir

  2. I tried, my problems are. 1. I got error 1010. I skipped this and then just click start.
    2. until I already created the character, but after I click start to enter the game, suddenly my app got force-closing … Any solution bro??

  3. Hey, this is Epic Perfect World, is there any way of doing it with the normal. When I install and open the patcher it won't update and so it won't let me play. Any idea why this may be happening?

  4. Ou mano eu joguei pw a minha vida toda, esses dias tava morrendo de vontade de jogar, mas aí lembrei que não tenho mais Windows, to super feliz com esse vídeo, vou tentar amanhã velho vlw. Qualquer dúvida posso falar contigo? Vc joga o pwi? Em qual servem? Pode crer, que se der certo vc vai ter mais um escrito

  5. Hey MentalistaPW <-Horology here if you remember me xD you helped me install mafia perfect world about 2 months ago can i ask you a question do you know how to download Blade and Soul with Wineskin i need help xD skype me if you can i have you on skype! <-dawn.galager2 (Chase Valentine)

  6. At 5:57 in the video you click on the patcher with your Mac OS X. Mine looks like a blank piece of paper and when I click on it, it says I am unable to open because it doesnt support anything that isnt Microsoft. Isnt the whole point of WineSkin so I dont need windows for this game?

  7. I have downloaded the game and have done step by step up to the patcher. My lay out of Epic Perfect World is the same as yours when going to the patcher to do the step patcher.exe but mine wont allow me to click on it and I am not sure why? I cant get past this part.

  8. Hey! How do I get the perfect world launcher and all of that for this to even work? I followed step by step and when you got to the actual installing of the game I had nothing to click on. No file of Perfect World

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